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Manage your money with confidence

Better Money Skills is for everyone who wants to manage their money better, from understanding credit and interest to setting a budget, choosing the best financial options and coping with financial problems.

You'll get the most out of the site if you work through the modules in order. Each module ends with a short quiz highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Case studies show how other people have faced financial opportunities and challenges, while the resource centre explains financial jargon and lists sources of free advice. The final quiz lets you check how much you've learned.

If you'd like to dip in and out, you can register. When you return to the site, you'll see where you'd got to in the space on the right. You can also trace your quiz scores.

Visa Europe would like to thank the teams at Citizens Advice for their help in developing the content relating to the Better Money Skills website

Register now to track your progress and save your quiz results.